The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals established by the United Nations (UN) with the goal of promoting sustainable development worldwide by 2030. These goals focus on various aspects of sustainability and well-being.

Sustainability as part of the listed TKH Group

ACT is part of the listed TKH Group. ACT's results in the field of sustainability are part of the figures presented by the TKH Group. Sustainability is a spearhead in the strategy of the TKH Group.

Quote TKH sustainability:

 “TKH aims to contribute to a sustainable society. This means that every business decision is made not only in the light of its effect on profitability but also its possible consequences for the people involved in our organisation, and its impact on the environment and our reputation.”  

ACT's focus on sustainability goals

ACT, as part of the TKH Group, is working towards sustainability goals. Below are the four areas on which we as ACT are focusing.

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee safety
  • Open work culture
  • Training and development
  • Good employment practices
  • Factory and supplier working conditions

  • Waste prevention
  • Sustainability of packaging
  • Packaging recycling

  • CO2 reduction
  • Energy Consumption

Goal: No plastics in packaging

Not so long ago, blister packs were the most common way to pack and display products in a retail environment. A lot of plastic was also used to "protect" the product. It looked nice, but these packages were not good for the environment.
We are well on track to eliminate plastics from our packaging. For example, blisters have been replaced for cardboard packaging. We are constantly trying to improve this by, e.g. also removing or replacing the pouches in which the product or accessories are packed for paper pouches.

Packaging transformation examples


At ACT we strive for a long lifespan of products. After all, if the product does not need to be replaced, there is no need to reproduce it. Quality and reliability are therefore of utmost importance.

Processing of the products after the lifespan has expired

Within the EU there is more and more attention for how a product should be processed after its useful life has expired. The composition of the product is important for this. At the moment, it is already indicated per product whether the product should be placed with the electronic waste. We are working hard to further increase the transparency of the composition of the products.

ACT rated silver by Ecovadis for sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue for us, the society and for our customers.

Customers regularly ask us what we are doing about sustainability. We refer them to TKH’s targets, which we actively support as ACT and which TKH publishes on a consolidated basis. These reports will be expanded in the coming years.

As ACT, we want to provide our customers with an additional objective assessment. We have therefore chosen Ecovadis to carry out an independent assessment and to compare us with other companies with the same business activities.

Ecovadis gave us a silver rating. This is achieved by the top 25% of companies.
A good result, and one we can be proud of.  

About Ecovadis:
Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies. By meeting specific criteria in your assessment, you may be eligible for an EcoVadis medal.
Quote: EcoVadis Medal Levels
“EcoVadis Medal levels are based on percentile achievement which is calculated as a benchmark based on published annual score thresholds”.