ACT custom-made Fiber Kit

ACT Fiber Kit: Custom-made and labeled pre-terminated fiber optic cables and patch cables
Would you like to save on personnel costs by faster installation of pre-terminated fiber optic cables and patch cables in a data center? Do you also want to experience less chance of errors when installing prefab fiber optic cables and patch cables? We have developed the ACT Fiber Kit: pre-term fiber optic cables, MTP / MPO cables and patch cables that are custom-made and ready-to-use.

What is the ACT Fiber Kit?

Each ACT Fiber Kit contains cables that are custom-made and labeled to your required specifications: patch cables but also MTP/MPO cabling or pre-terminated cabling. We make it extra convenient with the possibility to bundle the cables per corridor/aisle. You can choose between individually packed cables or multiple packed cables to reduce waste and unpacking time during installation. ACT Fiber Kit is a turnkey custom-made solution: pre-terminated fiber optic cables, MTP / MPO cables and patch cables. The cables have exactly the right length and are already labelled. You can start using them instantly.

Why do we offer the ACT Fiber Kit?

Offering data and information 24/7 is key. It requires reliable high speed cabling. Printing labels and labelling cables on-site is very time-consuming and labor-intensive and thus expensive. That is why ACT developed the ACT Fiber Kit.

By presenting this unique service, we can support data centers, server rooms and PoPs by offering a complete package for the installation of cabling. The ACT Fiber Kit ensures easy installation and provides significant cost savings.

ACT Fiber kit for data center professionals

The ACT Fiber Kit is suitable for use in a data center, server room or Point of Presence and has been developed to relieve data center professionals.

What you should know about Pre-terminated cables

Why choose for ACT Fiber Kit?

  • Time-saving: turnkey solution;
  • Cost-saving: save labor-time and equipment costs;
  • Reduces errors: labeling makes it easier to identify the right cable;
  • Exactly the correct length: cables are made-to-fit and prevent excess cabling.

We are ready to assist you

Our professionals are ready to assist you. Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance in choosing a suitable solution.
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