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Complete connectivity range

ACT offers a diverse and complete range of connectivity solutions: copper network, fiber network, USB and USB-C, power cables, video cables, audio cables, IT cables, cable management.

> Million products in stock

ACT has over a million of products in stock. E.g. networking cables, fiber patch cables, power cables, fiber prefab cables, cable reels with with fibre or copper. ACT exceeds in providing custom-made cabling and solutions like the ACT Fiber Kit and the Polarity Twist Patch cables.  

Create a complete workstation

ACT explains how to turn your laptop into a workstation with only one USB-C cable.

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How do I choose the right fiber optic patch cable?

The right fiber optic patch cable is essential for a stable network. But how do you choose the right patch cable?

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ACT Fiber Kit

Save costs by faster installation of (prefab) fiber optic cables and patch cables in a data center? ACT has developed the custom-made ready-to-use ACT Fiber Kit!

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Data center solutions

ACT helps you to find solutions for your data center!

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Polarity Twist™ Patch Cables

• Change polarity in seconds
• Flexible solution
• Time-saving

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What is USB-C?

ACT explains USB-C / USB Type-C and the advantages and applications of this standard.

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AC4438 Gigabit PoE+ Injector 30W

The AC4438 Active PoE+ injector provides power and data via one UTP cable.

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ACT Installation and product videos

Watch all available ACT installation and product videos.

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