USB-C docking stations

USB-C docking stations come in handy to connect your laptop with only one cable to your peripherals. Connect your monitor, mouse, keyboard and network to your laptop. All your peripherals are working directly by connecting your laptop to the docking station. Docking stations and usb-c multiport adapters both offer flexibilty in connections. Docking stations are mostly used in workspaces where the monitor, network connection and mouse and keyboard remain at the workspace.  Also docking stations use a external poweer adapter and offer more connections like more usb ports. Multiport adapters are designed for more portable use and do need to be powered by an external adapter.

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USB-C Docking Station 3 monitors HDMI, DisplayPort, with ethernet, USB hub, card reader and audio
Item No. AC7046
USB-C Docking station | 3 monitors | HDMI | 2x DisplayPort | 4K | 100W | PD Pass Through | USB-C | 3x USB-A | LAN | Card reader | Audio | Aluminium
USB-C Docking station 2 monitors, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA with USB hub, ethernet, cardreader and audio
Item No. AC7045
USB-C Docking station | 2 monitoren | HDMI | DisplayPort | VGA | 4K | 100W | PD Pass Through | 2x USB-C | 4x USB-A | LAN | Cardreader | Audio | Aluminium