A new generation of patch cables for convenience and reliability

At ACT patch cabling is our passion. We are the specialist in the field of patch cabling. We have designed a new generation of patch cables. These cables ensure convenience and maximum reliability for your network. Convenience and reliability often reinforce each other. When you can identify the different network segments with colored patch cords, it is easier to identify the right cable. Identifying the right cable reduces the chance of mistakes.

Where do you think mistakes would more easily occur? In which scenario are you sure that you are removing the right cable?

Convenient cable management with smaller diameter cables

"Polarity Twist™ fiber cabling is 60% thinner and Slimline cabling is 40% thinner compared to conventional cabling."

This decrease of cable diameter makes cable management much more convenient. In a 19" cabinet with many patch cables the cables have to be bundled. A common problem is that these bundles become harder to properly bend, install and manage. The last few years there has been an increase in cabling used in cabinets and server rooms. This increase applies to both normal as high density cabinets. To address this issue we designed a new generation of thinner patch cabling. Despite the fact of having a thinner cable, the high quality and reliability of ACT cabling is guaranteed.

Extra advantages of thinner patch cables are:
  • Smaller diameter cables are very well suited to high density patching scenario's
  • Less volume of cables in a cabinet or server room means better airflow. A better airflow can reduce the amount of energy that has to be spent on cooling.

Easy to identify

With this new generation cabling, cables can be easily identified, hence convenience and reliability will be increased:
  • Copper network and power cords have a wide range of colors to choose from; ACT slimline patch cables in 11 colors and IEC lock power cords in 5 colors.
  • In fiber cords we use the color coding that is standard in the market. For customized labeling per cable we have designed the ACT Fiber Kit.

If network segments easily can be identified thanks to the colored patch cords, the convenience and reliability of your network significantly increases.

Improved reliability by locking

Most cables have built-in locking mechanisms. The cable makes an audible click when connecting. The RJ45 connector is equipped with a small locking clip tab you have to press before you can remove the connector. When a clip breaks off on a RJ45 connector, it still works but it is unreliable because it is not secured anymore. With the smallest pulling or movement the connection can fail. The ACT slimline cables have a protective flap that prevents the locking clip/tab from breaking off. Fiber optic cables with a LC connector have a similar locking mechanism which also makes a clicking sound when you insert it.

It is hard to understand that power cables do not have something similar. When a device loses its power connection, it shuts down and has to reboot before it will work again. This leads to downtime of, in some cases, the most critical devices connected to your network. The ACT new generation power cabling uses the best locking mechanism available to secure your devices from getting cut off their power source. We would like to emphasize that the ACT power cables have locking mechanisms on both sides of the cable, work on all major brands PDU's and UPS'es. The locking connectors are patented IEC Lock connectors.

Slimline network patch cable
  • 40% thinner
  • 11 different colours
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Polarity Twist  Fiber cable
  • 60% thinner
  • Change polarity in seconds
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IEC Lock power cable
  • Dual locking C13-C14 / C19-C20
  • 4 different colours
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