ACT helps Telenet stay ahead in the digital age

"Telenet, Belgium's largest telecom provider, is committed to staying at the forefront of the digital world. Connecting people and creating experiences for a better quality of life," is Telenet's motto. To ensure the best services, increasing speeds and constant adaptations are required.

Challenge: New Connector Solutions

To optimize cable management within data centers, new solutions were needed. One of the solutions offered is the use of a new generation of cables to control growing density and offer higher speeds. ACT relied on ACT Polarity Twist™ uniboot patch cables with LC and CS connectors for this purpose.

The CS connector is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connector ideal for space-saving solutions. The Polarity Twist™ is a unique connector that allows quick adjustment of the patch cable's polarity. Unfortunately, after delivery, it was found that the Polarity Twist™ connector was slightly too wide in combination with the chosen structured cabling cassettes in the network. This was particularly challenging because the network had to be operational within a few weeks, leaving no time to produce new patch cables.

Solution: Custom Clips for the Polarity Twist™ Connector

ACT resolved this issue by designing a narrower clip for the Polarity Twist™ connector and delivering it to Telenet in a timely manner. "ACT acted very swiftly, allowing us to go live on schedule," said Davy Vaes, Build Engineer. This new clip is already included in ACT's range of patch cables with Polarity Twist™ connectors.

About Telenet      

Telenet is the largest telecom provider in Belgium, serving both the business and residential markets. Telenet believes in the potential of the digital world and aims to help individuals and businesses stay at the forefront of the digital network. Telenet has the fastest fixed gigaspeed network in Belgium, covering over 95% of the footprint. Additionally, Telenet is a leading mobile network provider in Belgium.

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