About ACT

The start of ACT
ACT Connectivity was founded more than 40 years ago to provide users with a brand for highly reliable and consistent quality cabling, network products and ICT accessories.

The why of ACT
Each day we work on reliable connectivity solutions to provide you a smooth IT and AV experience
ACT solutions mix and match seamlessly in use with existing brands. ACT matches and exceeds the international standards for maximum compatibility. At ACT we believe in offering consistent quality each time you apply an ACT product. ACT offers you a no worry approach

This is why ACT is reliable and open

Member of the TKH Group
ACT is a brand of the TKH Group to which ACT makes a positive contribution. The TKH Group is a multinational, listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. More information about TKH Group can be found at www.tkhgroup.com

Part of ISO 9001 organisation

ACT is a brand of an ISO certified organisation. This certification among others confirms the continuous commitment to customer satisfaction and the resulting quality assurance and improvement

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ACT Head office
Postbus 123, 3770 AC Barneveld
Koolhovenstraat 1E, 3772 MT Barneveld
The Netherlands
Company registration number: 09068548