Why Professionals choose ACT 

Consistent guaranteed quality

  • In house quality management
  • Each time we make sure you get the same product quality
  • Meet and exceed international standards and EU legislation
  • ACT offers a 5 year warranty

Mix and Match approach

  • ACT solutions mix and match seamlessly in use with existing brands
  • ACT matches and exceeds the international standards for maximum compatibility

ACT product range and stock

At ACT we do offer a complete connectivity product range with over 1 million products in stock
  • Copper Network
  • Fiber Network
  • Video/audio cables, extensions, converters
  • Power cables
  • USB cables and solutions
  • Cable management

Part of ISO 9001 organisation

  • ACT is a brand of an ISO certified organisation. This certification among others confirms the continuous commitment to customer satisfaction and the resulting quality assurance and improvement