Ergonomic workplace

Create an ergonomic workplace with the monitor arms, laptop stands and monitor risers from ACT

The era of hybrid working has begun. This new way of working must meet a number of conditions. In the context of occupational health and safety and prevention, the most important condition is that the flexible workplace is ergonomically designed. The flexible workplace can be at home, at the office or even on location. An ergonomic workplace not only prevents or reduces health risks and hazards, but also stimulates job satisfaction and productivity.

People differ in height, posture and needs and it is therefore important to adapt the workplace accordingly. For example, the distance to the screen should be at least one arm’s length. Furthermore, it is important that the monitor of the computer is placed about 50 to 60 cm from the face, and the top edge of the screen should be at eye level.

In addition to the above, it is important to keep a workplace tidy to ensure
sufficient workspace. Our ACT ergonomic monitor arms, laptopstands and monitor risers contribute to the creation of an ergonomic work position.